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Have you ever felt that it would be better to greet a friend on his birthday in a unique way? I have felt it so many times. Recently, I found an iPad app that could help me in this. History Tools app has all the important information for all the days of the year.

Every date has a historical significance and we could not remember the importance of all of them. I tried to find the importance of today’s date with History Tools. Really interesting! Germany invaded Russia and Napoleon was banished to St. Helena on this same date. Users can also add their own event and it would be integrated to the pages of each day of the year. So, you can add the birthday of your friend to the app and on that day you can greet him in a witty way.

History Tools

Search is another important facility comes with this app. Let me explain how it works. I typed the word Edison and History Tools listed all relevant dates – Edison’s birth date, date of death and all other important dates in his life. Searching with keywords like “first man” or “first movie” is also possible. Year Search helps find the importance of any year. I tried to know what happened the year I was born. Impressive! Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were born on that same year.  The search results also include the events added by the users.

Developers claim that this app holds more than 5,700 events, 6,200 birthdays, 4,000 deaths and 600 date-specific holidays. Users need no 3G connection or Wi-Fi to get these details. The entire database is stored inside the app and users could get it even when they are off-line. History Tools is a complete reference guide for dates.

Rating: 4/ 5

Price: Free

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