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I usually don’t opt for Zombie games, but ‘Zombie Juice’ gave me a different thought, about these kind of games.

Zombies Juice

The game begins with the background that, ‘Zompocalype’ is spreading in your city. And what you gotta do is to protect yourself from the Zombies, with a set of some dangerous weapons that you get in your home. The game has got two levels – ‘Survival Mode’ which is your default mode and the ‘Freak Out Mode’ in which you have only 90 second to kill as many Zombies as possible.

The objective is to prevent the Zombies from entering your front yard. If you loose there, then you have to defend them from your bed. The more Zombies get closer to your bed then, you are more closer to death. The more Zombies you hunt down the more points you get. You can gain more point by killing some ‘Special Zombies’. OpenFeint is also integrated with it.

The help section gives you complete guidance about each & every aspect of the game. The UI is simple and easy to use. But the way they have instructed to slice the Zombies is some what similar to slicing the fruits in ‘Fruit Ninja’. On all other aspects such as sound this is valuable for what we pay for. I recommend this for those who have a brave heart, and ready to slice an army of Zombies.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 3.5/ 5

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