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When you open iTunes stores from your iPad, for the first time you will be prompted to download was iBooks app. Once you download the app you can browse through your own library that has preloaded e-books or you can also buy books from the build-in bookstore. I don’t think its necessary to describe the functions of bookstore, as its similar to iTunes store. The design of the iBooks app portraits the look of a bookshelf and the books in your library can be arranged according to the author(s), book title and categories.

iBooks for iPad

Reading books through iBooks gives a wonderful experience. The app consists of basic customization features like adjusting the brightness of the display, changing fonts type and font size. If you want to know the meaning of a particular keyword, just tap and hold to get the dictionary option to find the meaning of the keyword from the dictionary. You can also search for particular word on the book using the search button that appears on the top right location. There is also a draggable icon at the bottom of the screen, which actually displays page are we in and how many pages are left in the book. Many had questioned whether iBooks saves the previous reading page and reopens? Yes, it does. I think the app does everything to qualify a great e-book reader with custom functions. My words for iBooks would be “fun at reading” as I haven’t experienced with any e-book readers.

Check this video, to see the functions of iBooks in action

Cost: Free

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