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What Is The App All About ?

iExplorer HD By Zhigang is a file management app.


What Is Unique About The App ?

  • Do you want to access your audio, video and other files with your iPad without storing them on in it ? Then iExplorer is the solution for you.

  • This app can be connected to FTP, WebDAV, NAS, Windows Sharing Server and cloud storage like iDisk, FilesAnywhere, BoxNet, CloudMe, DropBox, Microsoft Live Mesh, SkyDrive, Google Docs with minimal settings.

  • You can transfer files in various ways.

  • It is powerful file management tool, using which you can also view the media files and edit document files.

  • You can use your Apple TV and AirPlay the video files through it.

  • The files can be transferred to other iOS devices via Bluetooth, email, Twitter, or you can zip them to reduce the file size just like a file explore on a PC.

What Is Cool About The App ?

  • You can Rename, Delete, Move files on the servers.

  • Edit documents stored in the remote servers.

  • You can print a document using the AirPrint feature.

  • You can play video with subtitle.


Where Should They Improve ?

Nothing as of now.


I recommend this app to people for whom iPad memory is precious need this app.

Rating: 4.9/ 5

Price: $4.99

Download from iTunes

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