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Gone are the days, when you wrote down your scores, while playing games. While many were playing the game, the scorekeeper had to record the scores. When he noted down something wrongly, then he had to strike it out to correct. If there were many errors, then everything had to be rewritten. This is just a waste of time and paper.


Now there is no need for scorekeepers, papers and pen as iKeepScore by Tom Grimshaw, can act as your scoreboard and scorekeeper.

With iKeepScore app, users can keep track of the scores for up to eight players at a time, and can update it when they want. They can accomplish it in a few simple steps – tap on players’ box, enter their name and update their scores by one, five or ten points at a time. iKeepScore lets players increase and decrease the scores, just by pressing the appropriate + or – buttons.

Apart from the eight players Scoreboard, this app also has a multi-sided scoreboard for four players. It can be accessed by swiping from right to left from the main scoreboard to reach the options menu and then swiping again in the same way. This four player scoreboard can be used by placing the iPad in the middle of all four players and letting each one update their own score. The options menu helps users customize the look and feel of the app and change the number of players. This app provides the TV Out option that can be used to connect the iPad to the TV using HDMI or VGA cable.

Both scoreboards have few buttons – main options, the options button, the reset, results and the end current round buttons. Eight players scoreboard has two more buttons – the star button (to show the current place of each player) and the numeric score input keypad. By swiping from bottom to top users can get the dice and coin flip option-. The timer option can be accessed by swiping from top to bottom . After completing each round, users can see the results for all the rounds for all players. It also presents a brief overview of all these in the view log menu.

This app stores the scores for days so that users can continue the game any time they want. I would recommend this to those people who often play games with their friends.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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