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The very name of the app itself clearly explains what the app is meant to do, the major purpose of the app is to help you to have highly efficient downloading at a faster pace. I’m sure you already know how painful it is to download anything that you want to from the web, it was only the last weekend when I was desperately trying to download “The Lion King” for my son, he loves the movie and was on my throat to get it done that very same day. The process started off just fine and when my teenage daughter intervened trying to download something for school everything was in chaos, I got frustrated , I hate it when technology around you starts failing you :(.

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As I was grumbling about this to Kelly my neighbor, while having tea that very evening, Kelly told me about the new app called “I’m downloading” that makes downloading seem like a piece of cake.

The app is equipped with four different features that help you step by step, to start off with there is the “ Search and Browse”, this enables you to search simultaneously through major search engines, look through the results directly, have your own private browsing history and if you want to view it on a bigger screen you can choose between full screen, landscape or portrait, its your choice to make. Now isn’t that interesting??

The next thing that comes along is the “downloading”, there is a download button on every page that you browse through making things really easy. Downloading is done really fast, it happens parallely, with background and supper speed downloading capacity. The app is also built to support major file hosting providers like rapidshare, megaupload and more. The app also exhibits a fully featured download manager.

Now once you have downloaded the information that you need, you always need to store them up for later use, and the most important thing is storing things up in a way that is easily accessible in the future. Here comes the use of a “File manager”, this is where you manage your folders for easy access later, you wouldn’t want to go through all the trouble of downloading stuff and loosing it later. It also possesses features like cut, copy, paste multi-file interface, move, rename and extract to help you organize everything out. Then you could directly connect yourself to your PC to draw files from your computer using your iTunes, or through “open in”. This will also help you support mailing of documents to friends and the use of other apps as well.

When all the hard work is done, the next thing that we usually focus on is “view, play, listen and enjoy”, this is the fourth feature of the app where you can read through PDF’s , office documents, view images, movies, and listen to audios of stuff that you have downloaded. Now I would say I’m the most satisfied customer in the the world, when I reach this spot I always feel that I can sit back and relax with the bliss that a huge task is completed, Whew!!. Now what if you need to search for a file that you have stored away, well there is a file searching panel that you can open up and enlist the file that you are searching for and voila!! you are there. Added to this we also have Airplay support which is the most exciting feature on this app. So no more stressing while downloading two or three documents at a time, with “I’m downloading” you could safely breathe a sigh of relief knowing that everything would turn out well. Cheers and have a good day 🙂

Price: $ 4.99

Rating: 4/5

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