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High Impact eMail PRO-Create eMails by Your Own Images

The days of boring email design are thrown out the window with this cleaver development. High Impact eMail PRO by KMT Software Inc. will put you in a position to impress clients, family, and friends with your impressive email design.

High Impact eMail PRO-Create eMails by Your Own Images

At only $4.99, you will be exposed to endless design templates to be created right from your iPad. There are additional in-app purchases where the prices range from $0.99 to $1.99, to help you create an email design specific to your audience. The different templates include real estate, travel, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Hanukkah, and other themed templates.

This app is not just limited to email design. It’s also been equipped to help you manage the various groups and or lists you have within your email.

The following are the features you will come to love when using this app for your email needs.

* This app is user friendly. It’s been developed to allow anyone the ability to design, edit, and send emails in the way they desire.
* You will have access to over 75 designs to help fuel your creative inspiration. Your final product is sure to have an agency appearance minus the agency budget.
* Enjoy the ability to created an unlimited amount of groups and lists as you see fit. Your list can be for business or personal. You can add manually or automatically to the lists to ensure your specially designed message reaches all intended parties.
* Your contacts will be granted the highest level of privacy with this app. Only your email will be visible when sending out group or list messages.
* Incorporate a personal touch into the email templates. It’s easy to insert a personal image. The uploading and cropping features are taken care of through the app to ensure a perfect delivery every single time.
* Regardless of the email client or smart device your receivers use, they will have the same experience as iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch users.
* Increase efficiency by utilizing the user profile feature to help automate your emailing efforts. Things that will likely not change (name, company name, logo, etc.) will automatically populate each time, saving you that step.
* Feel proud about your design. Once complete, you can share your design across social media networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

eMail Designs-High Impact eMail PRO

Over 500,000 users are placing their stamp of approval on this app. This includes novice users to professionals sending out emails seeking a profitable client reaction.

Technology requirements include iPad for design purposes and iOS 6.0 or better.

Here’s what some users are saying:

* Excellent and cost effective email solution for my business.
* The design is flawless and my recipients feel the investment is rich!
* Super easy to use and high quality final product!

Price: $4.99
Rating: 4/5

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