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During my childhood, I used to be interested in assembling small objects like aircrafts, made out of plastic. And now I thought I wouldn’t be able to find a substitute for the joy of those days. But one of my friends showed me an app, ‘PLapp’ by SEMS International Co., Ltd, in which you can do the same assembling of virtual parts on your iPad itself.


Using PLapp iPad app, you can assemble anything from classic gliders to modern fighter jets, cars and robots. As you open the app you will find that you can select any of your favorite objects that you want to assemble. On selecting an object, you will be taken to another page where you will find a stamp-sized image of the object and technical info about it. You will also find various views of the object and diagrams illustrating how to assemble it. Below that, you will find various trays that contain related parts of that object.

After you choose the model you would like to construct, you have to tap on the right parts tray. On doing so, you will be shown a full size image of it and you have to select the objects that you need to assemble the model and drop them into another tray. Once you are done with it, you can see the object in full 3D and you can also rotate and zoom into it at all angles. You will be shown connecting points in each object, so that you can join them correctly. If you join two points incorrectly, it will be pointed out in red.

Once you join a pair of parts successfully, it will get on to another tray and you have to join all the parts in the same way. Then you have to put them together and form the shape of the model. Then you can start coloring the objects and putting up the logos. After you are done with one object, you can go ahead with the others in the same manner.

Even though I assembled on my iPad, I had control over it just like assembling a plamodel object. You can also share the photos of the models you have assembled, on Twitter and Facebook. I feel that the models could have been made to look more realistic. Also they could have added other interesting objects like HumVee. Other than that everything is awesome in this app and I recommend it to people of all ages.

Price: $4.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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