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About The Game

Worbble is game app developed by Milestone Interactive Pvt. Ltd. It is a word game app, in which there are two games, the word game and the quiz game.


Features Of The Game

Worbble is a word game in which the letters pop up as bubbles from an under sea environment. There are two modes in this app, one is the word mode and the other is the quiz mode. In the word mode you need to form as many words as you can within the given time. In the quiz mode you need to answer the question by forming the word within the given time. For both the games you will be given only one minute.

Inside The App

When you tap open the app you land on the home screen. In the home screen you have the ‘Play’,’Settings’,’Info’ & ‘Credits’ buttons in the middle of the screen. On the top left of the screen you will find the game center button on the top right you will find the Twitter, Facebook and volume control buttons. When you press the game button you will get two options the word mode and the quiz mode. You need to select anyone of these. After you select any of the game you will be taken to the corresponding tutorial.


In the word mode you need to form words out of the letters that are float as bubbles. You need to tap on each letter that you select for the word and it will be displayed on the bottom right. Once all the letters have formed the target word you need to press on them to submit it. You need to keep an eye on the timer on the top left. Your score will be displayed on the top left.

In the quiz mode, you will be displayed a question on the top of the screen for which you need to answer within a minute. Just like the word mode the letters will pop as bubbles and you need to tap on them and form a word and tap on it to submit. In both the modes if you go to the higher levels then the game gets more challenging. The quiz mode has thousands of questions, it will also give you hints. If you don’t know the answer for a question you can skip that question, but watch out you can do that only thrice.


This game is far different from the word games that I have played so far. The graphics design is eye catching, especially the underwater environment it really cool. The sound effect is also good. All word game lovers will like this game. Currently the app is available for $0.99. I give 5/ 5 for this game.

Update: Worbble is back with an update on the game with new and exciting features which include new gameplay modes as well as updated question packs for the quiz mode.

Price: $1.99

Rating: 5/ 5

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