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To begin with, I love music and love composing music even though I don’t get enough spare time to do it, like in college. But I make it a point to spend some time  alone with my  guitar . Music is divine and can get any kind of anxiety and stress down. My friends and I used to perform in a band of our own at little concerts in college and a few bars in town, but since work catches up on us we are kinda falling apart.

This is when I turned to my new music buddy called iMusician PJS : Chords & Voice. It has now become like a companion that helps me keep up with my music in the absence of my friends. The app is extremely good and its features are just great.

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Let me show you what your options are. To start off with, there are a staggering 9800 chords that you could choose from to make master pieces of your own. And when you compose, there is the drag and drop option which is used to make this a lot easier. You can also record on the app, with singing and instruments which gives you a better idea of what you have actually composed, which is what I normally do.

You could also save your lyrics on the app, using the transparent lyrics composer. Once you are done, save and share your master piece with friends, family and business associates in the form of PDF, MP3 or MIDI through mail. Besides this , there are the regular functions that we cannot do without, like Copy and Paste ;).

Using this app is absolutely easy as there are no technicalities involved.  This makes the composing experience a pleasant and pleasurable one. Well it’s music and that’s how it must be! So if you are a musician or a lover of music who has the makings of a composer, it’s time to head down to the app store and get the app of your dreams.

Price: $4.99

Rating: 4/5

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