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You may be wondering what the iNever app is all about. Even I am quite anxious to know about this app because the very title of the app is an inquisitive “I Never”.

iNever is designed for iPad users, based on a unique social networking driven concept. It is different and refreshing to start off. iNever asks you to share what you have never done before. You can share your I’ve-nevers to the world through the app. Since the app is GPS-supported, it recognizes your location automatically.

iNever iPad app review

Launching the application will take you to the Main Menu, which contains ‘World Nevers’, ‘Popular Nevers’, ‘Fresh Nevers’ and finally ‘Surprise Nevers’. As I said everything is about “I’ve nevers”, so you need to type in what you have never done. Once you type and send a never, you are tagged with your location which is visible to all the other users. Based on your adventures or the kind of “nevers” you have entered, you will get a response anywhere between “I Never” and “Done That”. So this is how the app works to make conversations anonymously.

The concept is fresh, yet, it limits us to certain functions such as replying and creating a “I’ve never”. I don’t see many users online to reply/respond to our “nevers” immediately. Sometimes, it even takes hours to get someone reply to your “Never”. What I liked was the “nevers” based upon the categories and this certainly helps us to easily watch and reply certain categories that we like to. Overall, I feel there should be more interaction to your “nevers”. If that comes up in future updates, I am gonna use it often.

Cost: Free

Rating: 3.5/5

download from iTunes

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