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I have tried many sophisticated softwares to test my skills is painting. But nothing came anywhere near the effect produced with a real canvas and brush.

Recently I read about a new app – Inspire Pro and decided to give it a try. I think, this is the one, I had been looking for so many months. This is a painting app for all ages. Let me share my experience with Inspire Pro in this review today.


It has five realistic virtual brushes – Flat brush, Round brush, Fan brush, Palette knife and Clumped brush. Users can fix features like size, rotation, pressure and spacing percentage for each of these brushes. At the top right corner, there is a square to indicated the color in the brush. Colors could be changed by tapping the square. Users will find a color circle there and they can choose one. It will also show the favorite colors and the latest colors used.

The Paint option is located at the bottom left corner and users can enable Dry Brush, Automatic Reload, Realistic Paint and Eraser features from there. It will also help to set the Paint Load Amount. The brush symbol in the top left helps to take the dry brush whenever it is necessary. There is a main screen, where users could get features like Help, Tips and Tricks, Setting, Gallery, New Canvas, Properties, Duplicate, Delete etc.,

I am an amateur in painting and I managed to create some good stuff with this app, without spoiling my hands and dress. If you are good painter, I think, you could create wonders with it. This is an exclusive app for iPad and it is available for $4.99. But according to the developers, this is a limited time offer. So rush to the App Store, if you want Inspire Pro.

Rating: 4.5/ 5

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