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What Is The App All About ?

eXPlayer By Zhigang Chen is remote media files access tool used to connect with various types of servers


How Does It Work ?

  • As mentioned above eXPlayer can connect to NAS,Windows sharing file server, FTP server, UpnP(DLNA) Media Server, WebDAV Server and iCloudMe.

  • It plays most of the audio and video formats.

  • eXPlayer can play videos directly from the NAS storage/Windows sharing location ever without a PC Client.

  • You can stream HTTP media files, it supports 720p resolution,you can take TV output with Dolby HD/DTS audio support for which you need HDMI cable. It also supports srt/ssa/ass subtitle files.

  • You can search files on NAS/FTP/WebDAV server itself.

  • You can easily transfer files from NAS/Windows sharing location/FTP/WebDAV server via WiFi.

  • You can easily transfer files through USB using iTunes, and there is pass code lock to protect your files

  • Another important feature is you can mount it as an network drive in Windows or Mac OS X with WebDAV server support.

What Is Cool App ?

Having a single tool to connect with several complicated server is really a great task.


Where Should They Improve ?

The user interface could have been made easier to handle. The help section is not good for a new user. Moreover it should be in full screen mode.


These many functions in a free app is really a good deal. You can give it a shot. There is also an iPhone version for this app.

Price: $4.99

Rating: 4/ 5

Download from iTunes

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