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What Is The App All About ?

Phonics And Reading With McGuffey By Software For a Better World is an education app for the 1st grade students. Material


How Does It Work ?

  • As you open the app you find selection screen where you need to select the lesson you want and by tapping on it and typing in your name. The same can be done vice versa by pressing the recycle bin on the other side. After typing in your name you will be taken to the menu.

  • The menu has three buttons, one takes you back to the main page, the other one back to the user settings and the last one to the lesson

  • You need to set the user settings in such a way that it doesn’t hinder your concentration during each of the lessons.

  • In the 1st part of the lesson the letter’s sounds are introduced by showing their phonic symbols. For the purpose of learning the sound of each letter, they show a word containing that letter. For example, cat for c.

  • Word can introduced along with their sounds. By loudly reciting the letter with according to phonics rule. You can either turn the audio on or off.

  • Next you will see two letters in the screen and you will hear the sound of one of them. When you pick up the correct alphabet the the light will flash. After you give 3 right answers the light will keep glowing.

  • In the next screen you get vowels at the top and consonants below and you need to form three letter words out of it. Thus you understand phonics better.

  • Next you will be shown the graphics related to the lesson you learn.

  • You will be presented with a passage to read, first you should try reading it without any help. But if you got struck with any of the word, then you can swipe on it and hear how it sounds.

  • To master the spelling of words, you will be showing some letters out of which you need to select three letters and form a word, with a correct spelling.

  • You should be able to read faster and correctly in order to achieve this, you should practice a lot. This app provides a game in which you will be displayed 3 words, then you will hear one word which you should tap, then another one. Then more faster you do, the faster it goes. Finally your score will be shown. The last lesson is a review of all.

What Is Cool About The App ?

The game based educational material for 1st grade children is really interesting.



Where Should They Improve ?


Nothing as of now.




The kids will enjoy it a lot. And even though its for the kids I also enjoyed it a lot 😉


Price: $19.99


Rating: 5/ 5


Download from iTunes

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