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About The App

Looney Tunes Phonics By ClickN KIDS, Inc is an educational app, used to teach phonics to kids and make sure they don’t get bored by showing Looney Tunes cartoons in between phonics lessons. The curriculum in the app was designed by Dr.J.Ron.Nelson who is a nationally recognized early educational research professor.


How Does It Work

With this app you can learn different levels of phonics. Starting with the letter sound zone – in which the kids will learn how each letters will sound. All the sessions begin with this. This is where you learn how does letters look and how to pronounce them. Kids need these basic skills to read, spell and type in this zone.

Then comes the listening zone – in which you are introduced to listen and recognize the first middle and last sounds of words, and find out the appropriate phonic letter. There are more than 188 such presentations in this lesson.

Looney Tunes

Finally comes the reading zone – in this zone you will learn how to read and improve your reading skills. In this section you will use the words that you learnt in the previous session,to build sentences and short stories. This session will have story reading. You will be learning how to read regularly used words. Next you will learn how to read and spell words with the help of keyboard. You will be taught closely related group of words. Then comes the word endings, in which you will learn commonly used word endings. You will how to read,spell and make a complete sentence. And learn prefixes,suffixes and story reading. At last is the speed zone – in which you will be learning sound review and word review, by mastering autonomous decoding skills.


Parents and teachers need this app to teach phonics to their kids. This is a funny edutainment app that all kids will enjoy.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/ 5

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