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Last Friday we witnessed iPad’s international launch in nine countries and we are aware iPad’s are bit costly comparing to US. So, if you feel iPad is expensive, then you must check this out. iPed an iPad clone manufactured in China is making news all over the electronic industry. Well, the device looks similar to iPad expect few changes, the iPad name changed to iPed and the device runs on Android operating system. The device is based on Intel chip and has 16 GB of storage and 128 MB of RAM, well priced for money.

iPed an iPad clone

As I said, iPed are comparatively low priced and you can own it for just US $105.  But for an iPad you need to pay five times the cost of iPed. So the big question; Will it worth of buying iPad? Yes, it worth to some extent with respect to the cost of the device and alternatively this is the first available tablet device that runs on Android.

iPed an iPad clone

Watch iPed in action

[Via Kotaku]

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