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This is an app that you have to try, at least when your try to organize a party. I was organizing a teen party and it was my job to get the games and the music for it. Getting the music is quite easy, but when it comes to games, people want to go overboard, but it’s not  possible with parental supervision. The best that I could do for my buddies was get them the app that made things a little spicier.

What was the purpose of buying the app??? The app acts as a prize wheel. We were playing games like karaoke and stuff and the winners of those games got to spin the ‘iPrizeWheel’ to check out the prizes that they won. It was fun and people loved it. The wheel looks like a regular, ‘spin for your fortune ‘ disc on which you could change the colors of the panel. As of now, I have the basic version and I get to change only two colors. Then you can also alter the text color to your choice and in the center there is  a circle where you could either fit in a color or a picture or even set a theme based on the event or occasion. And as you spin the wheel, the arrow that denotes your position can also be changed from black to white or vice versa. The best part is setting the panel prizes. This is up to the host and he/ she would get to decide what should be on the prize panel list. We gave out curios, gift coupons and even cash to those who won.

The games were already exciting and having to spin the wheel to get a prize was even better. It built up a suspense that spiked up the thrill of the game. Along with the game , you also have nice attractive music in the background that adds to the effects.  You could have music of  your  choice to  add excitement to the event. And if you want to pump up the event, you can also attach your iPad 2 HDMI output to any HDTV for an even bigger draw.

This is just an example of how you can use the app. Some areas in life where this app would come in to use are at  Concerts / Live Events,  Sports Bars / Restaurants, Radio Stations,  Dentist/Ortho Offices, Trade Shows, Kiosks / Booths,  Youth Groups / Parties and many more. So if you are up to it or planning a party, this is an app that can add excitement to it and would definitely make a difference to your party or show.

There are talks of  an upgraded version coming our way, which is definitely on my shopping list It comes to you for $9.99, with features that help you manage unlimited campaigns, set 4 different panel colors, add your own personal logo to the center of your wheel,  gain access to a new 24 panel wheel,and turn on powerful data collection tools that help you collect contact info & store prize giveaway details. So what are you waiting for?? Let’s start the party!!!!!!!!!!

Price: $4.99

Rating: 4/5

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