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Home Games Island Defense HD: Ready for War

Island Defense HD is a new type of game released exclusively for iPad. What it does is to build upon the principle developed by defense games which involve castles and labyrinths, except this one is based on sea missions. Objective is to create an indestructible island defense which wouldn’t be easily breached by attackers and which would resist wave after wave of enemies.

Island Defense HD for iPad


* 2-in-1 Gameplay

This is more than a tower defense game. It is a title in which players are required to strategically place their units for the purpose of rejecting incoming enemies all while parking friends’ airplanes and boats where suitable. The process is tricky and may take few minutes to understand, but once this is accomplished everything else is smooth flowing.

* Parking of Vehicles

In this game one has to park cargo ships and planes while avoiding dangerous obstacles which would presumably endanger life of users. When they are parked on the island, player receives money and bonuses for the effort.

* Building Towers

Players need to construct towers using available funds for the purpose of guarding the island. While towers in lower levels will not be so effective against blinded enemies, subsequent upgrades certainly bring more power and thrust to the defense.

* Defending the Island through various Strategy Schemes

Quite obviously, the main objective of the game relates to defending the island. Players need to place towers in such manner as to cover the entire area as well as possible, to take action against incoming attackers while also parking vehicles properly. Towers and weaponry can be upgraded as to enforce defense and keep evil attackers away. A plan needs to be created for each level as each particular one presents a new challenge and new attackers.

iPad Island Defense HD App


The game benefits from HD graphics which look sublime on the screen of an iPad. Everything works great even if players don’t have latest iPad Air as game is designed to consume minimum resources right from the beginning. It is also not harsh on battery life thanks to the proper rendering of objects and reduced dimension of game, plus overall optimizations. Therefore, one will be able to enjoy this game for hours without much of a hassle.


Island Defense HD is definitely a game worth trying. It is designed in such manner as to continue the action with each level and for the enemies to advance as one progresses. However, new units and upgrades everything much more interesting.

Checkout the Island Defense App Demo Video

Price: £0.69
Rating: 5/5

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