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Mind mapping is a great tool to express our ideas using diagrams and structures. Its a necessary tool, if you plan a lot or try to explain your idea to other people and it’s also a best way to mind map your ideas before doing any work and its worth too. Lets welcome iThoughtHD a useful application to mind map on iPad. Most of us agree with iPad’s lovable touch interface and this app really rocks when it comes to performance and user interface.

iThought HD for iPad

Lets talk about its features:

* Import and export to other mindmap software like Freemind and XMind
* Export the out as PDF or PNG images.
* Topic attributes (colour, icon, shape)
* Topic notes (with hyperlinks)
* Collapsible branches
* You get all the edit options such as cut, copy, paste, move and merge topics and branches

Finally, a app that is worth of buying and I enjoyed my time working on this app. So go ahead and create your own mind map on your iPad.

Cost: $7.99

Download from iTunes

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