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Following all our favorite TV shows on time might seems impossible unless we make a reminder of it. iTV Shows HD a new iPad app that brings inbuilt TV database to help you to check whether you missed any of the favorite episodes and have a track of it. The app user interface is very cool with landscape mode adding up a sidebar for our saved TV shows. When look in portrait view – iTV Shows button will appear instead of the sidebar. The Adding new shows is simple, just press the plus button and enter your name of the show and if you find it in the list, tap it to added it to your list.

iTV shows hd ipad app review

The added apps are listed on the sidebar that will provide necessary information about the show timings, along with the post and previous TV show dates. Clicking on a particular show will bring up more information on the previous episodes with a small description and a picture representing the show. I have been telling about following up episodes in the beginning and here with iTV Shows HD if you have watched an episode you can make it as “Seen” to keep track of your missed episodes. For me, this feature is so helpful to follow my favorite TV shows right on my iPad.

The app was sometimes annoying as some shows use (&) and some other using (and) to name the show. But this is nothing to do with the app, as those confusions are with the TV database that was used by iTV Shows HD. Overall, after an hour of testing, iTV Shows HD is cool and efficient in keeping track of our favorite TV shows.

Cost: $1.99

Rating: 3.5/5

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