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Are you a frequent traveller? If yes, this app might satisfy your needs. Introducing iZones 1.0 for iPad an app featuring to give live information on time zone around the world. Its hard for many air travellers to stick to the time, as different countries have different time zones and it may be frustrating too.

iZone for iPad

The app has almost all the time zone in the world, so you use this app anywhere in the world to find out their time. You many think the app normal feature offered by every other app, but its not. The best feature about iZone is, the app doesn’t require Internet to show time zones and it use graphical interface to view, pretty easy to view.

I found lot good about this app and I felt the developers can add some features like adding an appointment, as it greatly help for international travelers to stick with their appointment times. Overall, its a necessary app, not only for travelers, but also for those who wants to know different country times and I believe at a cost of $0.99, its a fair deal to own a great app.

Cost: $0.99


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