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I can never forget the memories of the classic PC games that I played in my childhood. I searched the App Store to find such a game for my iPad, so that I can play it, while traveling.

Jump N Roll HD

When I saw “Jump N Roll HD” by games2be, I was totally excited. Jump N Roll HD has all the features I expected and even more. At first, the game-play was seemed to be an easy one as it needs just tapping the screen when a user wants to jump and attack. But when I played, it was tough to cross even the first level. Then, I realized that it is a “hard to master” game as developers mentioned in the App Store description. However, I tried my best and got into the next level.

As the game progresses, users can collect diamonds, stars and gold coins. All these things will contribute to their power and can be used as they jump and attack their enemies. Time is also an important factor in gaining points. If you manage to finish a level quickly, you can get more points. Jumping from a huge height is not counted as same for two consecutive small jumps. When I tried, I often fell between two small jumps.

The UI is user-friendly inside the game. But that is not the case with the home screen. They could have made it much more easy-to-understand and a help menu could have been very handy for kids to handle this app and to collect the hidden treasures. Inside the game, the colors are pleasing for the eyes and the game moves smoothly (unless the user falls). The game controls are pretty easy-to-use. It also has some in app purchases. With Game Center integration Jump N Roll HD looks cool.

Getting this free app could be a great deal as it has a lot of stuff to offer. I recommend everyone to try this interesting game.

Price: Free

Rating: 3.5/ 5

Download from iTunes

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