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Some games are easy to play, if you grab the necessary skills after practice. But some other games test your sharpness every time you play. I am going to review one such game today.

Jumpy Horse – This is not what you think. You are not going race the horse as a jockey. You are the horse here and you have to throw the jockey with your movements. Got the trick? Jumpy Horse has three modes – Wild – horses are a bit wilder here, Joyful –  users get joyful horses and Lazy – users find lazy horses.

It offers players four default horses – Elsa the beautiful, Blondy the nice , Jumpy the fastest and Great the greatest. User can also create their own horses with the Let’s Paint option. Yes this app lets players to paint a horse with their own hand.

Before entering the play mode, users can make their horses to pasture. So they become active and help players to make the jockey fall. Tapping the body of the horse will make it jump and tapping the tail will make it kick. The players have to combine all these movements as fast as they can to make the jockey fall.

The How To section teaches users to deal with horses. It has pictures with description. So users can have no doubts. They can practice their horse drill skills in the Training section. This section has some guidelines for users and they can practice with the horses roaming there. With Bluetooth a player could compete with his/ her friends. I tried this game and my record is 11.1 seconds. It is really a decent performance for a beginner I think.

This game is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Jumpy Horse costs just $0.99. If you want to find the wilder side of you, I would like to suggest this game.

Rating: 4/ 5

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