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Kakuro a difficult puzzle game that brings learning edge to the iPad. Kakuro was developed by Dogfish software and I must say they did a better job in developing a tough puzzle game, which I am playing for the first time on the iPad. The reason being tough, since we are not used to the game concept and it looks to have some similarities to Sudoku. Kakuro is a number game, where we need to add numbers that adds up to the list of numbers that are displayed at the end of each corners.

kakuro iPad app review

Kakuro is a game about putting our logical skills and for a beginner the game looks to be hard initially. The game requires to insert the numbers using the number panel at the button and thank god for including the undo functions to change the entered values. The concept of this game revolves around entering numbers to equal the numbers at the edge of the box. I found the little tricky at the beginning, however utilizing the hint function helps me to play better.

The look of the app is basic, and I think the puzzle apps has to be having some pleasant user interface to play the game with mental peace and in that case, the Kakuro looks brilliant comparing to the previous iPad puzzle games that I played.

Final Words:

If you want to brush up your logical skills, go for this app and for others this app won’t be so entertaining.

Cost: $1.99

Rating: 3.5/5

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