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In this hectic world with tight work schedules, people find it really hard to spend time in the gym, but they want to stay healthy. There is an app for this kind of situation – iCircuit Training by Matt Rackets and Fitness.

iCircuit Training

This app helps users improve their fitness right from their home and lets them save time. With iCircuit Training in their iPad, they don’t need any special exercise equipment. Let me be frank, I’ve used many health apps, I haven’t seen something so simple as iCircuit Training. It is like having your own personal fitness expert in the form of an iPad app.

In order to start guiding users, this app needs some basic information about their physique. Then, they can start their workout sessions, as it has a brief description about the procedures, which clearly show how to do the exercises. There are also some videos and images. All of them are in-built, so the users don’t need an internet connection.

It has 18 pre-designed circuits and 50 various exercises for various parts of the body. Before start doing any of these exercises, users can see the circuits where the exercises are listed. It has brief explanations about all the exercises. When a user starts doing them, iCircuit Training offers a timer to assist him and he can also enjoy his favorite songs from the iTunes playlist. If he receives a phone call during the workouts, then he can pause the timer and resume it after answering the call.

As this app can keep track of users’ BMI, they need to update weight. This procedure would be helpful for maintaining the stats about their fitness. They can also set alarms to update the weight.

The UI is so simple and the videos are useful in guiding beginners. If you find gym workouts are hard to follow, then iCircuit Training can certainly help you do it all from the luxury of home. This is one real useful app no matter whether you are fit or overweight. This app is worth for what you pay.

Price: $1.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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