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Reviewing good kids apps on the go is always a pleasure thing. They may look pretty simple all around but delivers the best for the kids. I had a look on INTERMARUM’s Kids Case app for iPad recently and what it does on a kids aspect is really awesome!

I always used to review a kids app in the viewpoint of the kids and play with it. So playing Kids Case is quite interesting among the others. Kids Case offers a variety of options to play and using it on a iPad screen is a nice experience.

Once you taped the app, you can play around with 7 different games like counting the object numbers, painting the pics, blasting the balloons, puzzles and more. The interfaces are simply well designed and there won’t be any difficulties for a kid to go ahead with the app.

Kids case for iPad

So, the first option lets the babies to learn the numbers. It is so simple that just count the number of objects over the screen and tap on the right count. Next one is the painting area where you can see a mono picture and colors on the right. You just need to choose the color and paint on the given image. Another game is there where you can see balloons flying up and you need to tap on it to make them burst.

Thereafter you can see a number of baskets and balls with different colors in the very next option. You need to drag and drop the ball to the corresponding baskets where the colors of both should be the same. And the next one is for smarter memory, where you would be provided with a set of cards hiding objects behind it. Just tap on the cards and match the same objects, simple! Two more there, next is the image puzzle where you can view an image for few seconds suddenly splits all over. You just need to arrange them to form the same image back. And final screen is just an image where you need to draw over it to make sure the level is complete.

So all that look pretty simple right? Yes it is a really interesting stuff to be handled by a kid. Obviously some points need to be revamped like there is no back buttons on most of the playing screens. What I liked pretty much about the app is there is no repetitions (there is but not many) in terms of the objects and pics.

Cost: $1.99

Rating: 4/5

Download Kids Case from the app store

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