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What Is The App All About ?

The World Clock Free By Andrei Kolev is a travel app that tells you all about time.


What Is Unique About The App ?

  • Unlike other world clock apps this app not only shows you the time of different places in the world but also provides many precise details about time.

  • It shows the real-time Earth map with day & night accurately.

  • You can email & invite your collegues, family or friends to a meeting at a common time.

  • The dashboard shows 4 world clocks at a time, which you can turn into digital clocks and date to display with it.

  • If you want to change the time zones just drag to map to either side.

  • There are tons of stuff to be told about the app, but I’ll tell you about which I was impressed. With this app you can get the time details of 192,000 cities located  in 230 countries and the list keeps growing.

  • Using the ‘Network Time synchronization’ the app corrects the time difference between your device’s time and the exact time by going online.

  • To say in a nutshell you get all about time from this app.

What Is Cool About The App ?

The real time map is the most coolest feature of this app.


Where Should They Improve ?

If it had the feature of inviting people throught social media like Twitter & Facebook the it would be perfect.


All globetrotters badly need this.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/ 5

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