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Have you ever tried Kung Fu?? Well I haven’t either, but always wanted to learn something like Karate or Kung Fu, to keep the bad guys away. Anyways, now I have got a wee bit of a chance to see how I perform at challenges placed by Kung Fu sensei’s.

Have you seen the movie, ‘The 36 chambers of Shaolin where the lead role is striving to get through the different challenges that he faces in each chamber. Well this is something like that, but there is only one challenge over here. So are you ready to meet the first Kung Fu challenge of your life?

Via crazymikesapps

To describe the app, your challenge is to spin bowls on a bamboo stick. There are about five bamboo sticks on which you have to balance five individual bowls and rotate the bowls by spinning the bamboo sticks making sure that you do not drop them.

This could be challenging as you go higher and higher and your body and mind gets tired and you start dropping the bowls. Well, to give you a hint at winning, just make sure you have all your bamboos on the move and not too slow so that you’ll be able to stay out of trouble. Well, if you drop any, not to worry for you have ten chances till the game is over.

So, play it at your best and enjoy the lovely music as you play, with an image of ancient China in the back ground as a prop that gives your iPad a pretty look.

Price: $0.99

Rating: 4/5

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