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Are your kids eager to learn about animals ? Are you looking for a good educational source for it? Do you want it to have fun and games in it ? Then World Book’s World of Animals app, is the one you need.

World of Animals

You can teach or let your kids learn on their own using this app. It has details about, animals of air, water and land. You can learn about hundreds of animals even about the prehistoric ones from this app. The app also provides multimedia contents (videos, sounds, and photos).

In the home screen, all the animals are displayed in alphabetical order with their thumbnail images and names. I selected an alligator and I was taken to its profile page, where all the major information, like its scientific name, its length, weight and the fun facts are displayed. The ‘Read More’ section has a short article and all the detailed information about the animal. I saw photos, videos and sounds related to alligator in the profile page. This app also lets users compare two animals. I compared an alligator with a crocodile as I am waiting for a long time to know the difference between these two.

After exploring this app, I gave it to my son and asked him to explore. After a day, I questioned him “How a male elephant is called?” He said “Bull”. First I was puzzled, but later,  I found it to be true through my online research. Do you know these facts before ? As this app has some amazing and unknown facts.  I would recommend this app to kids. They would really enjoy it.

It has a decent graphics and user-friendly UI. World of Animals is worthy for its price.

Price: $4.99

Rating: 4/ 5

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