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About The App

Massage Techniques is a health and fitness developed by Real Bodywork. This app teaches about various massage techniques. It also shows the anatomy of the human muscular and skeletal system. Do you want to learn to massage like an expert, now you don’t have to get trained from anyone. Since this app will itself make you an expert in giving 130 different kinds of massage techniques.


Inside The App

When you tap open the app you will land in the ‘Techniques’ menu page. In this page on the top left corner you will find the ‘Techniques’ button when you tap on it, you will get a sidebar showing various types of massages, listed in two orders. One as a list and second one as related to the parts of the body. From that you can select which one you want. If you select a massage you will be taken to a separate page, where you will find the video and the description about the massage.

In the bottom you will find a menu bar, where you will find four menu options. The first menu option is ‘Techniques’ and the second one is ‘Routines’, the third one is ‘Anatomy’ and the ‘Fourth’ and last one is the ‘About’ menu. In the ‘Routines’ menu you can do 13 different types of massages from foot massage to full body Swedish massage. Once you select a massage from the ‘Routines List’ and tap on ‘Start Routine’,the video begins to play step by step. You can end the routine whenever you want.


Next one is the ‘Anatomy’ menu in which you will find the human muscular system and skeletal system completely portrayed with all the parts marked. You can rotate it 360 degrees. And view it in which ever angle you want. The last menu is the ‘About’ menu, in which you will find the ‘Instructions’,’Tips & Cautions’ and ‘About Us’.


The app’s user interface has used a light Grey color theme through out the app, which is mild. It is easy to use, the menu’s are placed in the bottom which is easy to access. By using the app again and again you will learn the massage techniques easily, so it triggers to re-use it.. The app is valuable for what we pay. So I give it 5 out of 5.

Price: $2.99

Rating: 5/ 5

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