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Are you looking for a way to keep your kids busy, during their holidays ? Do you also want them to learn something useful during that time ? Then “Rise of the Urban Eagle” is the solution that you need. Which will keep your kids engaged and will also help them to improve their vocabulary. Now let us see how it helps your kids, as I said before.

Rise of the Urban Eagles

“Rise of the Urban Eagle” By BaaS Publications, has an fully illustrated story about a simple act of courage, that creates a hero (a pigeon – named Victor) and distinguishes the entire species, combined with three challening games for kids. Rise of the Urban Eagle provides not only a great story with a with a life lesson, it also gives kids, 3 challenging games. Which will keep them busy.

Let us see the features of this app. The story part is where you find the story about the couregious deed of a bird, that sets its species apart. It has got many surpries for you right from the app’s home screen itself. In the home screen there is something that I’ve not seen. I touched the pigeon in the and it screeched like an eagle. Which the developers call as “Hot Spots”. There are more pages in that has this surprising “Hot Spots”.

When you open the app for the very first time, you will get an popup to make and in-app purchase to fully unlock all the functions of the app, including the full story, which costs you $5.99. You also have the option to turn off this popup from showing it every time. Then you also have options to “Try it Out First” or “Buy” it. After you select any of the options in the pop-up menu you land in the home screen. Where you have options to read the book/story in 2 ways “Read it myself”, where you have to read it on your own, and “Read it to me”, using which you can make the app to read the story to you. There are two more options in the home screen, they are the “Menu” – which will show some more options and the “Play Games” option which takes you to the games section of the app.

I selected “Read it myself” and started to go through the story. I found some words in the page underlined. I touched one of those words, and suddenly a pop-up came, with the definiton the word that I selected and it also had a speaker button, after touching it, it pronouced the word and also read the definiton in the pop-up screen. As the story was interesting I globally unlocked the app, and found the climax to be thrilling, interesting and it also carries a message to the society, telling us to “help others when they are in trouble”. This story not only tells a normal story, but also teaches kids to help others.

After going through the story. I went back to the home screen and selected “Play Games” option, and I got a submenu with the names of the three games in it. The first game out of the three is “Word Find”. Which basically a cross word game, with three levels. This game helps your kids to improve their vocabulary. The second game is “City Maze” is a multi level, maze game. Where you have to guide the pigeon to find his way by tilting your iPad. The third game is the “Seed Eater” in which you have eat as many seeds as possible, this is also a multilevel game. I easily got the high score in this game. You also have Facebook and Twitter sharing in this app.

I was not able to getback my iPad from my kids, after they got addicted to this app. I recommend this app to mothers who have naughty kids, to keep them enaged with this app.

Price: Free

Rating: 4/ 5

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