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Home Games Let’s Fold – Origami Puzzle Game App Review

Let’s Fold – Origami puzzle game is an Origami puzzle game that let users practice the fun Origami paper folding art on any recent iOS device. The gaming app is free on the iTunes App Store.

Let's Fold - Origami Puzzle for iPad

Currently, the game comes with over 15 levels of play with the developers promising to add new ones in the near future. Let’s Fold is a fairly easy game to play yet challenging. The players need to fold pieces of paper into different shapes/dimensions.

The game’s first level is guided so that the player can learn all the basics of the game. However, the other levels required a bit more creativity from the gamer.

Game Features:

* A Variety of Interactive Levels – Let’s Fold – Origami puzzle game comes with 18 different levels each requiring the player to craft and fold paper to fit in a figurine. The first 5 levels are easy with levels after that becoming more challenging as one proceeds.

* 7 Different Themes – The game comes with a variety of themes and characters with developers introducing news ones every now and then. For example, the developers added Halloween themed characters and chapters with complete backgrounds.

* Game Hints – Like many user friendly games, Let’s Fold – Origami puzzle game comes with a hint button to help the player whenever they are stuck. An interesting twist is that the button can be used only for a specific number of times.

* 50 Characters – The game comes with a collection of 50 characters the player can use. As the player continues to play, the characters are unlocked for use.

* Rating for Every Level – Like other popular games on the market, Let’s Fold – Origami puzzle game uses a star-based rating system for each level the player completes.

iPad Let's Fold Origami Game

Game Graphics:

This game benefits a lot from the well-designed, sleek and snappy graphics that make the game-play an absolutely refreshing experience – especially when using a device with a big enough screen size. Each level has a new feeling to it that is enticing to play because of the games 3D feel and look due to its graphics framework.


Let’s Fold – Origami puzzle game is relatively easy to play, yet requires that the player masters a certain level of paper folding skills for each level. The game’s controls are simple and are taught to the player in the first level. The game’s screen layout is well designed to enhance the game-play experience.

Final Verdict:

The whole concept of playing Origami on your iPhone or iPad is extremely exciting. Let’s Fold – Origami puzzle is one gaming app that deserves a try, especially if you are an avid puzzle games fan.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5

Download from iTunes

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