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Home Games Lion Chief – An Intriguing and Fun-Packed Adventure

Playing online gaming apps has been linked to improving one’s cognitive ability. Engaging in these mobile games, particularly those that require you to think critically, usually enhances the capacity to think fast, and flexibly. The ideal example of such a beneficial and thrilling app is Lion Chief. The mastermind behind this fascinating invention is a renowned game developer company called Ahmed Jaffar Ghezwi. Besides, it is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

For starters,
Lion Chief is a pretty easy game. It functions smoothly even on low-end gadgets, and it occupies a measly 50 MB of your device memory. The game features the king of the jungle- the Lion, who is hungry and is always on the go.

The Gameplay
For the lion to make his way through the jungle, he has to overcome two main obstacles that are placed on the pathway. First off is the hunter’s cage, which he has to avoid. The second is an inferno, which is also hard to get around. By tapping once on the screen, a player enables the lion to jump over the barriers. A double tap brings the lion to jump twice the usual height.

A free tapping game

Along the way, the lion is also provided with meat and a cute small bunny. The task of a player is feeding the lion by making it go through these items. You will get a single point for every chunk of meat the lion eats and five points for the rabbit. Collecting many items increases the number of points that you get. Typically, your score is determined by the distance that your character travels.

Best Features

The key highlight of Lion Chief is the user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. This element makes the game easy to understand, even for the novice users. You will feel entertained by the intuitive sound effects and music playing in the background as you strive to get your way around the jungle. 

A free app

Lion Chief has been regarded as the most addictive gaming app. It arises from the fact that the app is equipped with an array of difficult levels for endless fun. Also, the game receives regular updates, which include brand new components, in-app purchases and bonuses. There is no gaming application that matches the standard of gameplay wisdom and the different qualities.

Final Thoughts

The Lion Chief is a smartly planned and designed app. It has clear-cut tools that make it easy to comprehend the game. Owing to its phenomenal visual pattern and consistent update framework, it provides endless fun to everyone who plays.

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