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Little Hangman a simple word puzzle app developed for kids aged between 6 to 12 years. When we were kids we loved to play puzzles and still I remember pacman, hangman which has been my favorite all the time. The difference between the native hangaman and the little hangman iPad app was pretty similar, however the developer has put in hard work to brush it up with modern likings.

little hangman iPad app review

Hangman was a word puzzle game to improve our vocabulary with set of words based on categories. Talking about the Little Hangman iPad app, the real experience of Hangman has been nurtured to have a fun filled learning. The app has three different themes and offers a set of categories to choose vocabulary. The categories varies from animals to foods to sharpen vocabulary knowledge based upon levels. Little Hangman was developed for kids aged within 12, so the interface and the overall gameplay appeal to the kids.


  • Three different themes from Black board to Brickwall
  • 12 categories of vocabulary from Animals to Food
  • Challenge mode for multiplayer game


When you enter the app, you can see three buttons Play, Challenge, Settings. Clicking on play, starts a single player game; where users need to find the word before the hangman gets drawn. If you finish it before five attempts, you will be greeted with “Congratulations”, if you fail, you can see a plane fly across the screen to display the correct answer.

The vocabulary levels can be chosen from Kindergarden to Geography. So all the 12 levels in the app denotes the level of complexity. One more thing, the Challenge mode for multiplayer hangman game.


Little Hangman was a simple app made up with decent graphics. I would say its an educational app developed for kids to improve their vocabulary skills. However, the app developers need to concentrate on the touch sensitiveness. This is because, we have to touch the letter for few seconds, rather than a feather touch. Sounds are barely heard and there is no controls for sound. So let us hope the developers rectify these issues in the next update.

Overall, a good app to entertain as well as to educate kids. Except the mentioned two suggestions, the Little Hangman is just an awesome educational app meant for kids.

Cost: $2.99

Rating: 4/5

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