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About The App

CrazyTalk7 By Reallusion Inc is a facial animation tool using which you can animate a photo and add voice and make it talk.


How Does It Work

With the universal face fitting panel you can create characters in Crazytalk7. Which allows quick face fitting with eye and teeth settings that can be customized in a snap. The new version of the Crazytalk7 has a powerful detection system that automatically removes your background. The user just need to stroke over the area that the need to use and Crazytalk7 will do the rest for you, by masking and changing the background.

It has the natural talking motions which is the most coolest feature in Crazytalk7, these are generated animations based on your own voice. Crazytalk7 will now animate your character’s head and body by using your own voice. In the previous version you can only create lip synch but now in Crazytalk7 you can automatically create natural talking head motions along with the same audio. You can import images with remixed movie scripts and create fast and funny video clips.


You can also use the text to speech editor for high quality text to speech voices to animate your character. You can create a voice and morph it into a what ever voice you want. Crazytalk7 also includes Auto motion that creates wonderful animations, by matching the attitudes of your voice to your character’s personality. You can create Talk modes, listen modes that react and natural motions that replicate authentic human sound.

Users can also use functional templates, to generate basic movements. Then templates now come with easy to understand thumbnails to quickly understand their motions. Crazytalk7 also allow you to customize the auto motions, with practical sliders that make adjusting the animation very easy. We also have complete control to edit the time line to cut,copy, loop, delete and speed functions.

What Is Cool About The App ?

The coolest feature is the user can also export their animations to their cross platform usage. The December update for Crazytalk7 will include the export function for all iOS apps. Users can also update many new content for Crazytalk. You can sign up and down load Auto motion templates, Voice scripts and motion clips.

Where Should They Improve ?

Nothing as of now.


The coolest face animation tool I have ever used. All novice animators will enjoy using it.

Price: $29.99

Rating: 5/ 5


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