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When I was in my high school and college, mathematics was always a nightmare for me. However, for even the most advanced mathematical problems, now I have found the solution in the form of an iPad app called “Maple Player” developed by Maplesoft, who is famous for their desktop applications.


With Maple Player in your iPad, you can interact with the documents created using the desktop version of Maple. Using these interactive documents, you can calculate advanced mathematical calculations. Maple Player lets you interact with these documents by rotating the 3D images and allows you to increase or decrease the size of the images by moving the sliders. Therefore, you can see those images in various angles to analyze them clearly. There are buttons and their number will increase and decrease according to the complexity of the calculation. There are also dials. By changing the values of predefined samples, you can let this app calculate and display the results instantly. This app has 13 different documents for various types of calculations, from finding integrals to plot arbitrary functions.

Here is a sum up of Maple’s various calculations documents.

  • Find solutions to integrals, derivatives and limits
  • Visualize the methods for finding the area of a circle and the volume of a cylinder
  • Understand the definition of limit
  • Plot arbitrary functions
  • Calculate solutions to linear systems

All the documents in the maple player can be sorted out, either according to their date of creation or according to their ‘Name’.

The UI is really awesome, especially the background color they have chosen adds a feather to their hat. This version of the Maple Player has only the predefined documents, which can be used only for the interaction. However, the upcoming versions let you access the online repository and the documents made using the Maple’s desktop software.

Maplesoft has created such a wonderful app, with so many features for free. I recommend this app to engineers, scientists, teachers and students.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/ 5

Download from iTunes

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