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Are you having trouble getting your little ones to pick up on their grades? Are they more interested in their video games than in their curriculum at school? Have you tried every trick in the book and failed? I’m sure you are exhausted. I do have a solution for solving their problems when it comes to math though.

Try the latest app, Math Monkey Game. It’s one of the ways that the parents on my block have been using to help their kids get interested with their math. Well, this is because the app has been designed with addition, multiplication, division and subtraction problems that have been made fun with a little essence from the angry bird sequence.

All that the kids need to do is to add up some numbers, or multiply or divide numbers to get the correct answer to the sums that are displayed. Next, they use their little monkey friend to sling cup cakes at the right choice winning them points. This is the exciting part that is going to draw the attention of your little one.

The app is real fun and I have started using it to teach my 6yr old her multiplication. The more she wins, the more she wants to play! The app gives kids a kind of positive reimbursement helping them  go forward in their learning. Ally, my little girl is very thrilled to have this app. It’s helping her learn her math as she plays, allowing her to have fun as she learns. I love the app as it gets the job of learning done in a very tactful way. I’m sure that it’s going to be of great help to teachers and parents, helping them keep the children at their seats instead of walking around home with a book and pencil without complete attention to their work. I look forward  to apps like these and want to know if the developer can come up with similar apps for other subjects at school as well.

The app focuses on scenes from the jungle, the ocean and outer space  which are sure to attract the attention of kids. If you are looking for  other exciting math games like this one , you could also try out other free math games by this developer.  So don’t wait too long till your child scores a ‘D’ in math, scroll down to the app store immediately and download Math Monkey Game

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4/5

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  1. I downloaded Math Monkey after reading this review and am very happy with my purchase. Kids love it and I'm happy that they're practicing their math skills. Nice review!

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