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iPad is the most powerful device for business peoples since it helps to organize and track all the tasks and activities. There are lots of app available for iPad to markup and maintain tasks and notes. But after doing little bit of research, I found a neat app with clear design awesome UI called Meeting Gold. This productivity app helps for your meeting, to prepare and followup all the tasks effectively.


Meeting Gold is the best app for preparation, participation and making your official meetings productive The preparation is like adding new tasks or quickly assigning the notes from previous meetings, participation like taking notes or adding pictures or summarizing the tasks, and making productive to follow up all the tasks of your official meetings.

If you are a business person, manager or team lead who attends a lots of meetings to stay in track of your project schedule, this is the app for you. While attending the meetings, you may write on a messy notepads or roughly you may save the tasks on your mobile. By doing this, you are very much prone to miss any meetings or tasks were already assigned.

To overcome this, the app helps to follow-up all the tasks and it is possible to attend all meetings without anything gets missed. You can also directly import the meeting notes via email from colleagues who have meeting gold app on their iPad. This highly reduces the time and work from copying and pasting the meeting notes from email. Even you can also share your meeting agenda by just exporting from your meeting gold app.

Overall the UI of meeting gold app comes with neat and clean white design which is ease to use. The Meeting Gold app is compatible with iPad and it requires iOS 4.3 or later. The app costs $9.99 which is more cost effective when comparing to the other beneficial business apps with similar rich features.

Price: $9.99

Rating: 4.5/ 5

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