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Meteoric Download Manager HD is the app that redefines downloading. Yes, this app is really amazing and it has lots of features that make it stand out from all other download manager apps available on App Stores.

Meteoric Download Manager HD App Screenshot

The app has a media grabber that grabs almost all iOS playable media. It has a feature called Firefox Sync which helps you take all your open tabs and bookmarks with you. You just have to tap on the link to download a file. You can even rename your files before downloading them. A number of files can be downloaded simultaneously, as the app supports queuing of downloads. You can also pause and resume downloading at your convenience.

As Meteoric Download Manager HD supports background downloading, you can switch over to another application while your files are being downloaded. Digital Poke’s proprietary Algorithm is used in the app to make the downloading much faster. The app has a magic bar which helps you view your bookmarks and create new ones. You can also preview the files you are about to download.

With Meteoric Download Manager HD you can now download all your audio and video files from your computer without any wired connection, as it supports HTTP Web Server and iTunes USB File Sharing system. Just switch on your WiFi connection and your iPad is ready with your favorite songs and videos. The app contains an in-built media player and you can listen to your songs, create your own playlist and shuffle the songs. As the app has background audio support, it lets you listen to songs even when you use other apps.

The app has the flexibility to send large email attachments of up to 15 MB. You can zip/unzip your files. The app has many plugins to extend its functionalities. By using the downloads module, you can create a web server and stream your files to any device.

Meteoric Download Manager HD is a really efficient app. Download the app now and enjoy its stunning features.

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4.5/5

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