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Mirabilis was my favorite, when it appeared in DFC comics and I was amazed to find it again it the App Store.

This interesting story starts with the beginning of a century, that is 1901. A mysterious green comet appears in the sky and moves nearer to earth. The year of wonders begins with strange events marking everyday life. Scenes at places like London Bridge, Mississippi, Taj Mahal etc., change dramatically. After reading it, my first thought is Mirabilis is a great choice for an app.

This is a perfect adventure story for young adults as it blends mystery with fantasy. Jack Ember and Estelle Meadowvane carry the story across the world, changed by magic.

Mirabilis – Year of Wonders comprises of four seasons:

  • Winter (issue 1 to 8 )
  • Spring (issues 9 to 16)
  • Summer (issues 17 to 24)
  • Autumn (issues 25 to 32)

The Mirabilis- Years of Wonders persuaded in many ways while reading the story. After reading this issue of the winter season, I would readily purchase the other issues to complete the entire story of winter season. I suggest readers to read the entire epic story of four seasons to get a feel around the mysterious green comet.

I really give credit to Dave, Leo, Nikos, Simon and Martin who made this intuitive epic story.

Cost: Free

Rating : 5/5

download from iTunes

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  1. What's the app like as a comic reader, compared to Comixology or Comics+ say? And how many episodes are free? (Not all 32 I bet!)

    • I agree all the 32 episodes are not free. You will have to make an in-app purchase to read the remaining episodes.

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