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Adventure games are best to be played on a bigger screen and when it comes to playing in iPad, it stands out from other devices. Mirror’s Edge was a console video game that was launched in 2008 and became a successful game, besides sales. Recently the game has been launched for iPad with even more fantastic gameplay. The game was backed with beautiful design, strong music and 3D characters to add more exciting gameplay.

Mirror Edge for iPad

The game is controlled with swipe of fingers, where up swipe does a jump and down swipe cause faith to slide. Right and Left swipe will set faith into motion. A well-timed swipe performs a wall run to cross certain distance without getting watched by enemies. The game will bring all your concentration to the iPad with smooth motions and actions performed to escape from enemies. I didn’t find any controls to fight against the enemies and the controls are the same for performing action and once you spot near an enemy the game uses slow motion to make you aware of the enemy.

Mirror Edge for iPad

The game includes 14 levels, each unlocked levels lead to gain more stars per level and the first two levels are more probably a tutorial style. If you want to fight against your friend, Mirror’s Edge has multiplayer option and it contains two modes of play Race and Rivals. Playing on Race mode, you are able to finish game easily and at Rivals mode you need to collect most numbers of bags in any four virtual levels.

Mirror Edge is one of the fine revolutionary game to hit on iPad. Priced at $12.99 it may be worth if you like some adventure games on iPad and if nor don’t ride your money on this game.

Cost: $12.99

Download from iTunes

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