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iPad Travel App

Looking for exciting information about world’s great cities? Momondo Places is a travel app designed to meet the needs of city travelers. Momondo Places helps you select places according to your mood. It offers seven customized moods – romance, family, local, cultural, social, fancy & everything. Based on the mood you choose, you will get a list of places for sightseeing, shopping, recreation, food, and night life.

iPad Travel App

To get started all you need to do is select the city of your choice, download its travel guide and get your bags packed! At first glance, the photos in the app captured my attention and they were a visual feast. Let us say you like to explore the architectural grandeur of the city, you can choose the cultural mood in your app. The colors used in the app have an aesthetic appeal and each customized mood is represented by a unique color, for example red for romance, green for family and soon on.

The information about places is presented in a book form and it is easy for you to flip through. If you feel the urge to explore more about the places, you can use the external web links and contact information. In addition, you have an option for a map with a north-south compass and a direction indicator to locate the place with ease. This map can function even if you don’t have access to the Internet.

There is an option to mark your favorite places and share it with your friends via social media. The app has a quick info page for each city where you can get the details about hotels, flights, car rental and weather reports for the days to come. The quick info icon provides answers to all the basic queries of any traveler. Apart from the moods, you can also sort out the places in the guide by using the following options: neighborhood, chapters, similar locations and categories.

Travel Guide Apps iPad

At present, travel guides are available only for London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Rome, Copenhagen and Barcelona. In the next version developers could include more cities and the map could be designed with additional information like available local transportation and the distance between different destinations. In addition to the existing categories, local sports could be included as a separate category.

Momondo Places adequately serves the purpose for which it has been designed. The app provides a personalized user experience, and this is the thing which I liked the most in the app. This app can function without the Internet, which means you could conveniently use it offline.

Price: Free
Rating: 4.5/5

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