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Voice Tracking App for iPad

Smartphones are a must have gadget for everyone today. Traveling, shopping, dinning as well as social sharing of product reviews has just got better. But what if there was a way to express your emotions through the power of voice, using an app? Fortunately, this is now a reality through the help of MotorMouth.

Voice Tracking App for iPad


Here’s what it can do:

This is an iOS app that’s very genuine and unique as well. It just made your research better. If you need to travel and you don’t have that much time to research for your ideal hotel, just listen in to other people’s reviews about the hotels in that area and you’ll have a clue.

How does it work?

Just wake up one day, go out and do everything you need to do. Then leave a review through the app in the form of a recorded voice. Share the clipping on social media, and that’s it. And the best thing about this app is that the recording is stored according to geo-location. That means whenever a friend passes by, they get an opportunity to check out the recorded review about the place you visited. The same way, when you travel to random places, you’ll be able to access audio recordings from other users who talk about their experience in those places.

Using it is very easy, just log in to the app and manage your sounds and profile. You are free to share anything you want, no restrictions here, and that’s one thing that makes the app attractive.

Location Finding App

There are only two things you need for this app to work. You need an internet connection and a GPS service. Unfortunately, you’re going to sacrifice some of your battery life because you’ll be sending audio files and listening to others as well. This might be a turn off if you don’t have an up to date smartphone. But you can always invest on a good smartphone that will give you maximum battery performance.

The user-interface is very easy to handle and understand. Thanks to the fact that MotorMouth’s user-interface looks clean on every iOS gadget like the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. You don’t have to fumble in search for how to use it. Once you run it, you’ll know what to do straightaway.

Generally speaking, this app is a 5 star when it comes to ratings. It’s simple in design, clever when it comes to audio sharing, and just a brilliant app for every iPad user. And it will cost you absolutely nothing to download it.

Price: Free
Rating: 4/5

Download from iTunes

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