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Its Oscar time & people all over the world are awaiting eagerly to know to whom ‘The Oscar Goes To’. And keeping up with the Academy Awards season, I picked up this trivia app that puts ones movie skills to test. The app I am reviewing today is ‘Movie Awards Trivia HD‘.

I started toying with the  Movie Awards Trivia HD app a couple of days back and to be honest, I was hooked on to it for at least a couple of hours guessing answers and putting my snobbish movie skills to test. Almost all the questions in this app are of multiple choices which makes it easier to play and comes wit filters to sort out questions from different decades and so on.
Moreover the highpoint of the app and where it scores the most is that it does not kick in the boredom factor after your initial play time. There are 1000 questions in all and lets face it, it takes time to complete those.

Movie Awards Trivia iPad App

The other talking point of the Movie Awards Trivia HD app is the slideshows of famous hollywood actors, actresses and movies. They are great and bring back some fond memories of me enjoying classics like Gone With The Wind or amusing over Gregory Peck’s stylish looks. What I liked the most was their vintage collection and with crystal clear HD graphics. The description of the app says there are about 4000 images and 100 slideshows, I only had a look at about a dozen of those and liked them all.
The one thing that the app did not come with was an option to download the images and slideshows. I am not aware of any copyright based issues that prevents it from having one and imagine that might be one of the reasons behind it. It would be great if the developer comments below or contacts me to clear this one on the download option.
As far as other elements of the app are concerned, it has a ‘How To Play’ set of instructions and a scoreboard. Its easy to use and thats pretty much.
The app is a great value for money and right now there is a special price drop for the app its available for just 99 cents from the usual $2.99, until the Academy Awards. My recommendation, grab one NOW!

Price: Limited Special Price 99cents / Usual Price USD 2.99

Rating: 4/ 5

Download Movie Awards Trivia HD iTunes

Thats it for now, I have other great app reviews lined up for next week, until then Ciao!

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