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Movies HD for iPad is definitely an app for the movie lovers. Movies HD with a similar interface to that of iBooks app has came up with an incredible idea to watch and manage movies on the iPad. The Movies HD app has a shelves interface to quickly select and add movies to the shelf. A very easy to use interface meant and developer for all movie buffs

Movies HD iPad app review

Adding a movie to the catalog is simple. but if you try to add more number of movies into the app, you need to wait for a long time. Once you have imported the movies, the app fetches movie cover, meta description and the category from the IMDb movie database. The import procedure doesn’t stop with the IMDb, you can also import the movie database from desktop apps like DVD profiles and it even fetches information from the txt and csv files.

Movies HD comes handy for the iPad to choose a list of movie collection on the database and can also be used during parties to let your friends pick up the movies they want to watch. The best feature about Movies HD is the ability to let you watch movie trailers by fetching the video data from Youtube. I think fetching videos from Youtube is an wonderful idea before gearing to watch a movie. The app does have some motion controls, if you are unable to pick up a movie from the database, simply shake your iPad – the app automatically picks up a movie for you.

Overall a great app to manage and watch movie on the iPad. The app does comes with an expensive price tag of $4.99, but it really worth of spending the money for Movie HD.

Cost: $4.99

Rating: 4/5

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