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I have always been a music lover and there are times where I go through the entire day listening to music, there is no other way that I would love spend my time. Playing puzzles has also been a hobby on role right from six grade, I remember scouting book stalls to find the latest and most challenging ones, mum also used to use it as a trick to get me to do things that I hated, a new puzzle book for every star that I got at school was one of her ways of getting my grades up. Well those were the good old days.

Now that I’ve become such a workaholic, puzzles have gone way down the entertainment line. It was only the the day when I was introduces to ‘Mr Mixit’ at lunch with a friend that I got to know of the interesting combination that they have brought about with music and games. It was a very interesting idea and the developer should give himself a pat on his back for thinking of something new.

Well to start of with, there are pictures of a puzzle that will appear on the screen, you have to choose the top two options that you think will blend, once you have done that , just drag it to your Djing board and as you DJ you got to bring the pieces together as one.

Now that you have got the knack, it’s time to party, you can become your own personal Dj and create smashing mixes of songs as you solve the puzzle. This app has a style of it’s own and it stands out from the crowd. Unlike other apps where you only get to do the either of the two, like play a game or listen to music, this app brings two different fun experiences together making you go wild. The app is free for now and I don’t think it will be for long, I suggest you head down to the app store and make hay while the sun shines.

Price: $ 0.99

Rating: 4/5

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