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Multitouch Whiteboard is an unique iPad app that enables multi-touch drawing in a customizable environment. The app is so sensitive to touch and it can recognize all your fingers at the same time. I don’t think I have seen this with other drawing tool. A simple yet powerful app with necessary features that help your kids to draw better and even you.

multitouch whiteboard ipad app review

If you have a look at the app’s footer, you can easily figure out the options offered in Multitouch Whiteboard. As their name claims the app has multitouch drawing with all your fingers at a same time. Multitouch Whiteboard can be used in two ways – making annotations of snaps and to make your own drawing. Controls in the app is really cool and compactly placed under the bottom of the app that help in easily switching between brushes and colors.

Adults can make use of the custom background option to import photos from the photo album to annotate with funny texts and drawings.

How does it differ from other drawing app?

I found many interesting options with Multitouch Whiteboard that are worthy to share it. So let me point out the options that I consider unique and special about this app.

  • Five set of brushes to quickly switch between different color brushes.
  • The ability to add text on the whiteboard
  • Import custom background from your photo album.
  • Store your drawing as custom whiteboards
  • Can reduce the opacity of the colors using the brushes tool.
  • Undo and Redo button

There are more positive points to talk about this app, however there are little disappointment too. If you make a rectangle or circle, you won’t be able to move. So, you need to hold on the shape with two fingers to move it and this has to be done before releasing your finger. The other few disappointments are lack of font styles and restricted with two shapes. I hope the next update will possibly solves these disappointments. Overall, Multitouch Whiteboard is worth of its money for its fun play around environment.

Cost: $1.99

Rating: 4/5

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