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Do we all know whats inside our human body? Probably we don’t know unless or until we are interested about it. Lets say Gastronemius, a muscle at our foot; how many knows about it? Might be very few again. Here comes Muscle and Bone Anatomy iPad app developed by Realbodywork that gives a complete walkthrough of human muscle and bone anatomy. At first sight you will be astonished to see this awesome 3D app, which gives almost every detailed information about human body parts. So lets get in, to explore the features about Muscle and Bone Anatomy iPad app.

muscle and bone anatomy iPad app review

Before heading to the app features, I just want to say Muscle and Bone Anatomy is not an app for people related with medicines and health, rather its a general knowledge app. Human bodies are made up of different parts that are composed of muscles, bones and blood. So, if you really like to know about how we are composed off, then there is nothing better than this app on the store. The app comes very handy for educational purpose to provide an insight view of human body visually.

Nothing can explain things so detail than the visual presentation. Muscle and Bone anatomy is a built of excellent graphics and lot of hard work.


Label Quizzes – Labels consists of 18 quizzes to play. To choose the correct answer with the quiz module, just drag the correct answer to the appropriate place. All the quizzes falls under a timeframe of one minute. So, the answers have to be marked within the specified duration of time.

Viewer – Viewer brings in a detailed list of human body parts in three dimensional view. Selecting the parts name will give a short description about the part along with a zoomed image.

Videos – This section includes a five minute long video about certain body parts such as Arm, Torso, Face, Fascia, Leg, Nerves. A pure informative section, if you check out this option

Multiple Choice Quiz – Multiple Choice Quiz adds the ability to create our own custom quiz using a set of information provided. Using this custom made quiz, we can select topic, Location and the Length of the quiz. A very useful tool to examine our own knowledge in the human body anatomy.

3-D Lessons – No more classes required, 3D lessons brings in live 3D representation of human anatomy in a very simple environment. This would probably give a real like learning experience.

With all these features, Muscle & Bone Anatomy scores the name of essential educational app for the iPad. Priced at $4.99, you never gonna waste even a single penny for grabbing this app.

Cost: $4.99

Rating: 5/5

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