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Home Games My Little Car Wash: The Perfect Game to Entertain Kids

My Little Car Wash is a new iOS game which features a very interesting concept: the one of providing kids with the power to control an entire car wash. And although everything is virtual, the game looks and feels very realistic, especially thanks to water effects, different types of realistic vehicles including police cars, racing cars, buses, utility vehicles and more, as well as the option to create new washing liquids on demand. It is quite a perfect game for all kids aged 2 and above who understand the basic principle of tapping the screen.

Car and Garage Wash Game for Kids


– Realistic Animations

The entire sponge filling and water blowing effect is extremely realistic, giving kids the impression that they can truly interact for real with the car wash. The process is very well thought and it applies in the same manner to all vehicles featured in the wash. Furthermore, there are several types of water effects to be tried out as well as a drier, which makes the car perfectly dry in a matter of seconds, being ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time.

– Mini-Laboratory for the Car Wash

Thanks to a mini-laboratory, kids can prepare their very own substances for washing new cars, which can come in a wide range of colors and thickness types, all for the pleasure of experimenting. Each vehicle can be washed with a different substance, fact that gives it the ability to shine and differentiate itself from the rest. 

– Photo Functioning (Selfies)

Kids can now take funny selfies and see how they look on the small screens thanks to a newly integrated photo-capturing feature, which works on both iPad and iPhone. These photos can even be distributed later on if parents’ permission is accorded, all for the purpose of entertainment.

– No Ads, possibility to Unlock Premium

The game comes with no disturbing ads, so the gaming experience is a clean one for all kids. It needs to be said that parents’ have the possibility of unlocking full premium version of the game in exchange for a one-time fee, which is located behind a Parental Gate. However, there is no obligation when it comes to this aspect, the game can be played in free state for as long as desired.

Car Washer Liquids Games

How it Works?

First of all, one must download and install the app from App Store. Once installed, players will be greeted by a friendly car washer who is permanently welcoming new dirty cars to the business. Each car needs to be thoroughly cleaned, this implying a small shower performed by the user via screen swipe, cleaning the dust with a particular tool once the car is inside the cleaning center, using a Sponge and a Mix Lab solution for eliminating all dirt and debris and so on.

Players are rewarded for each car that is thoroughly cleaned. Once the car is completely clean and shining, it goes out of the car wash and players can greet a new one or head to the lab for the purpose of preparing a new cleaning mix that is more efficient. 


My Little Car Wash is a great game for kids who want to experience something new, and especially for boys who are in love with cars. The app is very realistic and compatible with a wide range of iOS devices. It is also offered free of charge initially.

Price: Free

Rating: 4.5/5

Download from iTunes

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