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Over the past six months, I think I have written only around 100 words, mostly for signatures or for filling out the forms. Computers and Mobile devices help me a lot these days to do things such as taking notes and recording events. Therefore, I tried to find an app that could serve me as a diary. There were a few, but I preferred My Video Diary. Let me explain the reason.

My Video Diary

My Video Diary lets users write diaries straight from their iPad and they could also add video, audio and image files in addition to the text notes. After launching this app, users can add an entry by tapping, ‘Make an Entry for Today’. From there they can start archiving all the important events for the day. To add a video, there is an option ‘Record Video Entry’. On tapping it, users could activate the camera of the device and record the day’s events.

After recording the video, it can be played back to see whether it is fit to be added. Well, all things can’t be worked out in a first take. If the users are not fine with it, they can re-shoot it by tapping the re-take button. Once they are satisfied with the video, ‘Use’ will let them add it to the diary and will take them to the entry screen. Videos can be added from the camera rolls too and audio entries and pictures can also be uploaded in a similar way. After getting things done, tapping the ‘Archive Entry’ will get them included in the diary.

My Video Diary was released only a week ago and this first version looks great. This app costs US $2.99 and it is compatible with iPads and iPhones running iOS 3.2 or later. As diary is all about writing, this app works at its best on iPads. If you want to document kids growing up, my Video Entry is the app you should get.

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4.5/ 5

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